QVC Spinning Makeup Organizer

People are going bonkers over the spinner QVC has that organizes your makeup in a really cool way. Even though I’ve used the same Japonesque train case for years, this looks like it would be perfect for those things I reach for most. For $27, why not?

Find it HERE at

Beauty Essentials You Don’t Already Have

You think you have beauty product known to (wo)man you’ll ever need. You’re the Macgyver of beauty, the one your friends go to when they need something to grow their brows, plump their lips, and make their skin glow. Would it surprise you to find out that you’re missing a few things? These uniquely cool offerings will add value to your beauty arsenal and sharpen your routine not to mention hold firm your reputation as your friends’ resident beauty know-it-all.

You Don’t Have: An Eyeliner This Color

Aside from the fact that the wear time of this liner is limitless, the color is nothing short of incredible. Every woman should own Estée Lauder’s Silver Zinc liner, a somewhat smokey grey with a touch of warmth. I’ve been using it to line under the eyes while still using black on top. It breaks up the look and adds a softness where black might be overpowering especially during the day. It’s a totally eye catching look that works on all ages and skin tones. FYI- it’s a limited edition color, grab one while they’re still available, I predict they’ll sell out soon.

You Don’t Have: A Shower in a Bottle

Admit it, there are days when laziness wins and the daily shower gets pushed aside. Instead of piling on a fragrance, you can spray on a shower-fresh scent like Lush’s Dirty Body Spray (nice name btw.) It’s meant to neutralize a not so fresh scent with their own yummy blend to successfully fake out the noses around you into smelling a much cleaner you.

You Don’t Have: Professional-Grade Vegan Brushes

Makeup Artist Samantha Champan knows what makes a good brush and her brush line reflects just that. They’re made with synthetic taklon brushes, so they’re vegan and 100% cruelty free. They’re ultra plush, high performing, and designed to take up minimal room- each one stands up on its end. Grab them at Ulta where you’ll find sets of 3 or 4 brushes being offered for less than you’d normally pay for just one in a department store.

You Don’t Have: A Waterproof Bronzer

Cargo is known for their legendary cheek colors and bronzers. This huge tin of perfectly balanced Water Resistant Bronzer is in my kit so I can bronze brides who have a good amount of dancing (and sweating) to do. It doesn’t move or change color even in the most humid conditions making it a go-to for the Makeup Artists on Dancing With the Stars.

You Don’t Have: Gluten Free Skincare

Brittanie’s Thyme is one of the better USDA certified organic lines out there with solid gluten-free options. This kit includes one of my favs from the line, their Organic Everyday Moisturizer that uses a base of Aloe and Coconut Oil to gently moisturize and nourish even the most delicate skin.

You Don’t Have: Razor Burn Relief

Res-Q from Satin Smooth delivers quick rescue for ingrown hairs, razor burn, bumps, and skin irritation after waxing, shaving, or threading. It’s one of those really useful things to have around in case of emergencies or to use daily if you’re prone to skin irritation from shaving.

You Don’t Have: A Cleanser That Smells This Good

My beloved Sanitas has this Lemon Cream Cleanser that I swear smells like a really decadent dessert. Sure it removes makeup and acts as a gentle, all-around great cleanser with hydrators and vitamins, but it’s the scent that makes using it an addiction.

I Love My Beauty Blender

Words can’t express how much I love my Beauty Blender. I bought one at Makeup Mania last year and soon returned to buy another, it’s one of a few select products that are fantastic enough end up in my professional kit as well as my personal one. I’ve come to believe it’s 80% of a foundation application. Honestly. I can take a mediocre foundation and make it look flawless using the Beauty Blender.

You first dampen this latex-free egg shaped sponge with water before using it to press in liquid foundation all over the face (use the tip in hard to reach areas like around the nose and mouth.) It magically presses the foundation perfectly into the skin without wiping it away giving you complete coverage and a professional looking application. I should start selling them because every client I use it on is sold and wants to buy it on the spot.

If you’re wearing foundation every day (or even most days), it’s worth it to pick one up. Wash it often and it will last many years – the one in my kit is used and washed a ton and still looks brand new.

An Easy Way to Wash Your Brushes

Since you probably aren’t going to shampoo your brushes as often as you should (or ever, yuk by the way), grab a baby wipe or pre-moistened facial wipe and do it the easy way. Just a few sweeps over the cloth will work out the makeup and oils that collect on the bristles preventing you from getting fresh color and a blended look. It’s tons easier than a full wash and only takes minutes.

Best Idea for Organizing Your Cosmetics

MagnaPods are a simple, good idea. They’re magnatized organizers that you stick to the inside door of your medicine cabinet to hold all of the smaller things like Q-Tips and lip balm that don’t have a place to be. They’re specially designed to take up the unused gap between the door and the shelf on steel frame cabinets. To use them on wood, get their special steel sheet to turn your wooden door into a magnetic surface.

Organization doesn’t have to be expensive either, their highest priced item is $11.

I just ordered mine.


Non-Animal, Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes; Eco Tools

Most brushes are made from real animal hair. Did you know that? Squirrel, pony, goat, badger, and sable are bred for their fur in order to make the brushes that we sweep all over our eyes and mouths (yuk). Someone opened my eyes to this recently – how using these brushes is along the same lines/ harm the same animals as if you wore a fur coat. As a Makeup Artist, I never gave a second thought to the brushes I use but as I begin to replace old ones I do so with synthetic, non-animal versions. They’re a lot cheaper and have a natural hair feel and shape that mimics most pro brushes.

This set that I have (below) from Eco Tools gives you 5 brushes and a roll for just $13. I really like the bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrule and delicate natural bristles that give a professional lay down as good as any of its pricey counterparts. My one gripe; there isn’t a brush name on the handle so you can see what its use is. Not a problem for me, but I could see how it may be confusing for some. Overall though, a great buy and the exception to the rule that going green means spending more money.

Eco Tools