Dr. Oz and The Wonders of Sea Buckthorn Oil

I didn’t know that Dr. Oz recently touted Sea Buckthorn ‘the new miracle berry’ when I ordered it from Amazon a few weeks ago. I was searching for natural skincare to help with my melasma and such during this pregnancy when I fell upon Sibu Buckthorn Oil and 180+ sparkling reviews about how amazing it is. It has a cult following for calming rosacea (a big theme among the reviewers), but it was also said to clear acne, fade dark spots, heal burns, and give skin a glowing new appearance. Really! People are losing their damn minds over it (see the reviews HERE on Amazon where I bought it.) There are a few different brands who sell this type of oil, but Sibu was the best reviewed and under $10. Sold.

I started using it under my moisturizer at night only as recommended because it takes a little while to fully absorb. It isn’t greasy or heavy and doesn’t really have much of a scent at all. I like the added hydration it gives and it hasn’t caused any breakouts – a big concern when using a new product on my skin especially an oil. Right away I noticed how calming it is and how I wake up with a glow. I think it’s too early to see long term benefits, but since it’s 100% natural and safe so I’ll continue to use it. It’s one of those things that you know is just good for your skin long term so I’ll be patient and wait for some great results.

Next I’ll try their Cleansing Bar, another fave among reviewers, as well as check out their supplements since it’s meant to be taken internally as well.

sea buckthorn

Foundation Routine for Severe Acne

If you’ve ever complained about your skin, you have to check out this video. A very brave girl documented her foundation routine (below) when her skin was at its very worst and she had just started Accutane. She went on to document her journey using Accutane showing her skin without makeup every step of the way.

Be prepared – it’s so severe it almost makes your skin hurt to watch.

If you’re viewing this in an email click HERE to open in YouTube.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches Commercial

Have you watched Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches commercial? It’s pretty amazing actually and has been viewed by almost 55 million people. Kudos to Dove for creating another positive message for women.

Check it out below or click HERE to see it on YouTube if you’re viewing this post in an email.

Kitty Litter Facial

You don’t have to resort to using kitty litter on your face to get squeaky clean pores and a spa-quality facial although the 750,000+ people who have watched YouTuber Michelle Phan’s video (below) might be doing just that. Apparently cats crap on bentonite clay which is also great for the skin so I use it too but in the form of Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask which is only $5 a pound and actually meant to be on the skin and not at the bottom of a cat box.

Either way, check out her video and decide for yourself- would you actually use kitty litter on your face?

Harper at 7 1/2 Months

I think I’ve found the perfect age for babies: 7-9 months. Little Harper is almost 8 months now (!) and couldn’t be any cuter. Here’s a video of her newest thing where she breathes in and out of her nose really fast like a raging bull, we call it ‘Fightin’ Mad.’ The more she does it, the more we laugh, then of course she does it even more. She also perfected this fake half-hearted cough to get us to look at her then laughs when we do. She’s so smart and interactive. Every day I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what new things she has in store!

Teaching Baby Harper How to Say Mom

Plain and simple this was one of my favorite mommy moments so far, I’m glad I grabbed my Flip! She’s 6 months next week and really picking up on the repeating thing. Her expressions and smiles as she follows me through it all just breaks my heart. She’s so perfect.