Wish Upon a Wedding

You’ve probably never heard of Wish Upon A Wedding, but it’s something pretty fantastic you should know about. It’s a wish-granting organization with wedding and event professionals (like me) who donate their services to couples facing serious and terminal illness, or other life-altering circumstances to provide them with a completely free dream wedding.

Grab the tissues and check out this video featuring some of the couples who have received wishes from WUW.

We have our first Denver WUW this Saturday March 12th and we’re all very excited to give this deserving couple a night they won’t forget.

Do you have a talent or a business that can help grant wedding wishes? Then check out their local chapters and email a chapter president in your area.

The Hilarious Honey Badger Video

I dare you not to crack up at this voiced-over nature vid that’s reminiscent of my very favorite SNL sketch, Brian Fellows. Nature just got a lot more fun.

There is a lizard one that’s really funny too. You can see more of his vids on YouTube HERE

You Have to See This; Flash Projection Advertising

Advertising 2.0 anyone? Check out this unbelievable new way advertisers can literally get inside the heads of consumers. Pretty incredible.

Birchbox; Beauty Samples Right to Your Door

I’m loving the idea of Birchbox, the hot new monthly delivery service that sends you 4-5 samples each month of various hair care, skin care, and makeup so you can try new things out without having to waste a bunch of money.

Here’s a vid that explains it a bit more, and HERE is their site.

Tao Porchon-Lynch; A Women You Should Know

I have a pretty strong yoga practice but it doesn’t touch that of 87 year old (at press time) Tao Porchon-Lynch’s. Check out this video and prepare to be inspired.

You can check out her personal site HERE

Ridiculous Makeup YouTube Videos; We Salute You

For all those girls (myself included) who fear embarrassment and public ridicule (like this) every time we press record in hopes of capturing that one YouTube.com video that will be watched by millions, here is something to completely validate those fears.

Oh, and F.Y.I I think the ‘Enchanted Bipolar Dwarf’ is probably Enchanted by Paula Dorf. Although his version is much more entertaining.

Thanks Mike P for the heads up!